Social Media trends dominating in 2021

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July 4, 2021 Posted by Arshad Hameed

After conducting some research, I feel following  two social media trends will dominate in year 2021

Stronger connection between Brands and Consumers

The links between brands and consumers have never been so closer before, customers love sharing personal accomplishments on social media, but they also enjoy getting responses. Brands have realised the impact of social media and creating lasting relationships instead of just treating social as a platform to advertise their products. It’s absolutely essential to keep your followers happy by providing a network where they can reach you and that trend will rise in 2021.
More demand of Social Listening tools
Social listening tools allow brands to analyse and reflect on their audiences actions, plus, businesses can track overall brand health, create marketing campaigns and ultimately improve customer experiences. In year 2019, following treads will dominate

  • You have to track brand health through sentiment analysis. This helps you actively pay attention to what users say.
  • Truly engaging content is what makes any social strategy strive. So why not use listening tools to see what’s the best content to share.
  • You can identify topics of importance without the guesswork by tracking hash tags, topics or keywords people use with your brand.
  • If your social marketing campaigns are not in good mood, it’s time to seek out opportunities with the help of social listening. These features allow brands to find trends faster so they can get the most from topics or user-generated content.
  • The use of social listening tools is one trend that could push your brand in the right direction.